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Great House Deals Online is your last stop for bargain deals on national property listings in the United States. We list bargain homes for bargain hunters, so whether you are looking for a great rehab property, a fixer upper, a starter home, or rental and commercial properties, we've got what you're looking for!

Great House Deals Online has been around for many years and is continuing to grow. We have new properties submitted daily and regularly have hundreds each month. Search our listings by City, State, or Zipcode with radius and find the perfect property deal you've been looking for. Best of all, when you register today you can locate your next deal for FREE!

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The bargain houses listed on this site are submitted directly by the seller of the house which, in most cases, is a real estate investor. Most are amazing bargains as a result.
Find the house deals you are interested in and click the "Request More Information" button and fill out the form. Your information is sent directly to the seller of that property. It is then their responsibility to contact you. With only a few exceptions, each property is submitted by a different seller, so you must submit a request for each property you would like more information on.
In most cases these are wholesale properties or bargain houses, but any type of property can be submitted. Because most are wholesale, you can buy at deep discounts.
No! Our property listings are completely free to you. Search all you want and inquire about all you want.
Yes! All you need to do is fill out the form on the front page. We will email you a notification when great house deals are submitted in your area. This is a free service as well!
You can't submit your property to GreatHouseDealsOnline.com unless you are a member. If you have a house to sell you can submit it at our sister site www.iBuyHouses.com. There we have a network of active buyers who buy properties directly from you, regardless of location, condition, or situation. There is never a fee for this so you can save a bundle in commissions, too.
Our network of investors use "iFlip Real Estate" to organize and manage their real estate businesses. iFlip is a hands off business management platform application that gives you multiple pipelines for property and buyer leads along with selling power, so you can do more deals in less time! As part of that system, they have the rights to post to GreatHouseDealsOnline.com for free. iFlip is the most comprehensive, easiest to use, best supported and least expensive system of its kind! You can learn more about it, and take advantage of our limited trial offer, by visiting www.iFlipRealEstate.com!

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